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Jul 22, 2018  
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During the primaries, Devine reportedly influenced or controlled where the Sanders campaign spent its money on advertising......and for that, Devine got a fairly healthy cut of the money. According to reports, his piece totaled over $10 mil.2/

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Now Transparent: Political Advertising on Facebook, Instagram

His team analyzed more than 267,000 political ads that primarily ran between May 2018 and July 2018 and reported: Facebook and Instagram users viewed political ads at least 1.4 billion times – and impressions may have reached nearly 3.9 billion. (Facebook's data provide only ranges.) The NYU Tandon team is quickly adapting its web crawler to add information on videos and images. Political spending equaled at least $13.9 million and could have been five times that – the uncertainty is due to the ranges provided in the original data. The most ads per capita appeared in Washington, D.C., followed by Nevada, Colorado, and Maine. The fewest appeared in Delaware, Nebraska, and New Hampshire. The Facebook archive's misidentifications – for example, of a political action committee for a person or a political-themed clothing outlet as a political entity – are among numerous hurdles to meaningful and automated analysis. Top political advertisers and their minimum impressions and spending: The Trump Make America Great Again Committee: 4,127 ads, 26.4 million impressions, $190,400 Planned Parenthood Federation of America: 3,389 ads, 24.5 million impressions, $188,800 AAF Nation, LLC (manufacturer of political-themed clothing): 862 ads, 18.4 million impressions, $78,900 National Rifle Association:  213 ads, 18.3 million impressions, $58,000 Beto for Texas (Democrat running for Senate): 377 ads, 13.0 million impressions, $194,400 Priorities USA Action and Senate Majority PAC: 2,794 ads, 12.9 million impressions, $120,600 NowThis (liberal-leaning media company): 35 ads, 11.6 million impressions, $7,400 Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.: 5,396 ads, 11.3 million impressions, $83,700 4Ocean, LLC (focused on reducing ocean pollution): 78 ads, 10.6 million impressions, $68,200 Care2 (creates social networking around causes): 557 ads, 10.1 million impressions, $99,900 The data also revealed substantial online advertising by candidates in congressional and state races. A significant number of ads – 43,573 – did not comply with Facebook's new requirement that political ads list sponsors and were therefore shut down, but the NYU researchers' daily archiving captured these "unvetted sponsor" ads.

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